GAL Vision

Create an international network of well-prepared accommodation, with a friendly and welcoming service, to welcome all guests, making it the true alternative to hotels and lodging services in the cities and areas where we operate.

Our Mission

GAL seeks on a daily and systematic basis:

  • Have the maximum number of apartments and houses in the main cities and tourist areas of the country.
  • Expand the concept for the Iberian Peninsula and Europe.
  • Have a varied and heterogeneous offer of accommodation for the different needs and capacities of our guests. Typologies, location, characteristics and prices. From the most traditional to the most modern.
  • Give our owners the comfort of a true partnership, giving access to all the information of their lodgings, to have monthly financial reports, but also allowing them to use them and ensuring the proper maintenance of the lodgings.
  • Have an incentive system for all our direct employees, rewarding them with good benefits when they provide above average service and proactively go beyond what is strictly necessary.
  • Receive our guests personally so that with kindness, competence and direct contact, we can differentiate our services. The human factor and ability to offer different services as a factor of excellence.
  • Create a network of local partners to collaborate with the GAL and thus provide better service to our customers while developing the local economy.

Our Mantras:

  • Perfection may does not exist but we are here to provide you with a great stay.
  • A smile, kindness and good advice.
  • Active maintenance for guaranteed profitability.

Our Complementary Services:

Transfers to/from the airport from/to our apartments

Guided tours

Traditional products baskets

Additional cleaning services

Laundry and ironing of your clothes

Breakfast at the door